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·Cui Baoqing: craving for the knowledge
Mr. Cui keeps a constant and latest update of his knowledge on his way to be an electrical engineer.
·A super helper in the local market
Adolpho has been giving his hands to the seismic crew, Sinopec 3299, in Ecuador market.
·If the equipments failed, turn to Mr. Li
Li Hongjun, far away from his families, is dedicating to providing technical services to his customers in Middle East.
·Sincerity and Persistence
Miao Tian has taken great efforts to go into the mud logging market in Indonesia with his sincerity and persistence.
·Xu Huaming-diligence is his label
The efforts Xu Huaming have made in his research work marked his own best self portrait.
·Be the best in the tightly contested field
Drilling Rig Sinopec 25 has reached a record high score mark in Saudi Aramco’s 2014 Drilling Rig evaluation records, topping on the list.
·The part-time English tutor in our office
Jones Quarcoo has been a part-time English tutor for his Chinese counterparts.
·A spiritual nautical career dedicated to the offshore oil cause
Shen Ping, a navigation expert, is a man of iron will, a friend of the sea and an elder brother of his crew.
·Chinese Spring Festival in the international employees’ mind
The international employees of a Sinopec’s seismic crew say about their Spring Festival experiences.
·Be dedicated to the clients’ benefits
In Kazakhstan, Zhang Junyi’s efforts to serve for the clients have been well paid off.
·Boler: the Chinese culture roots me in Sinopec
A close touch with the Chinese and corporate culture roots Boler in Sinopec.
·The Most Eye-Catching “Star”
Starting from a green hand in well logging, Abdoul Moumouni Ibrahim used 4 years of hard work to become a qualified well logging engineer.
·The growth of a versatile rig manager
At overseas, the demanding circumstances and being prone to learning give Guo Junfeng versatile abilities.
·The career transformation of the “Martial Art Master”
Chen Feixiong’s efforts have developed himself from a bodyguard to an interdisciplinary talent.
·Dixit’s safety creed in drilling operation
Dixit, a HSE supervisor, has clarified his safety creed with actions and attitude in the Sinopec rig in Kuwait.
·Sinopec needs more initiatives to expand the brand influence
Tkenbayev Zhalgas, Deputy Manager of SEG Kazakhstan, says Sinopec needs more initiatives to extend the brand influence.
·A story of Sano Hiroshi, winner of Chinese Government Friendship Award
Sano Hiroshi’s expertise,dedication, friendliness and amiable character gain popularity.
·Peng Wei: an excellent lubricant staff in the international market
Peng Wei’s persistence in the international market is a mirror of her own vision and wish for the future of Sinopec.
·Ajit’s mini classes
Ajit, a supervisor of party A, has been teaching the Chinese employees English in his mini classes.
·The woman stands out in Kenya geophysical market
This is a story of Wang Yanhua, a very diligent woman, in developing the geophysical market in Kenya.



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