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·Efforts to be an instrument observer
Djarallah Youcef has worked out the solutions to his problems in the real practices.
·What Makes an Excellent EHS Manager in Egypt
Zhang Hong has been dedicated to improving HSE management and practice to ensure operational and personnel safety, and as well to protect the eco-system in the Nile Delta.
·A diligent operator on the petrochemical engineering site
Venkatesh’s 5 years of contribution and excellent work have been a big guarantee to the project’s sound operation.
·A drilling superintendent’s 10 years in Saudi Arabia
Liu Junfang won recognitions by his hard work, persistence and courage in Saudi Arabia.
·A blooming Lily
Liu Lili has been a metaphor of a real fragrant and beautiful Lily flower for her kind heart and personality.
·The “Oil Eagle” above Ural River
Alibek is nicknamed “the Oil Eagle above the Ural River” for his great efforts in Kazakhstan.
·10 years’ drilling career in Middle East
Ning Qiang has spent 10 years in Middle East and been recognized by the local market with many proven records.
·Fighting for dreams in Al Jahra
Cui Zhen kept a record of his drilling days in Kuwait in his diaries.
·A driller recognized in Kuwait
Wang Qifa won recognitions in Kuwait for his super drilling performance.
·To settle the problems
Sun Lin’s unexcited demeanor and strong sense of reason support him to settle the problems.
·Operations in the utmost south oilfield
Wang Qing sees it a great honor to contribute his wisdom and energy at this far oil field in the southern part of the earth, he is and will always be dedicated to his duties.
·Be an excellent quality control engineer
As the quality control engineer, Liu Yabin judges the quality of the materials and equipments and makes sure they are qualified for the project construction.
·A real man of action
Zhang Jun said that being a good crew chief needs your great initiatives to engage in the real work and practice it all the way.
·A writer of the project’s glorious history
Li Wei, project Manager, also writes the glorious history of the project with his cameras in Saudi Arabia.
·To be retired, the best mechanician still moves on
Yang Tianfu continues his job and will work more to contribute his wisdom and experiences to the young men.
·More of his efforts in eastern Africa
As a veteran on operation in the eastern African market, Chang Chun would like to continue his efforts.
·“Mr.Power” from China
Liu Gaowen resumed the revolutions per minute of a vibrator’s engine.
·A smart way to increase efficiency
Abessolo Essone uses a whistle to be a smart and efficient vehicles coordinator.
·My life in PEPRIS
PEPRIS is an ideal place for me to include myself quickly into Sinopec.
·For the career glory -A story of Zheng Rongyao, one of the representatives of Sinopec’s young grass root explorers
As a young ship Captain, Zheng Rongyao’s proven records demonstrated his tenacity.



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