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Building a desert camp in Tindouf

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The curtain of night has fallen down, we landed in Tindouf, the inland city of the Sahara Desert in western Algeria, North Africa. There were neither pedestrians on the street nor hustle and bustle of the city, but a strong heat smote up into our face.




The next morning, under the escort of the local military police, we drove to the eastern camp 85 kilometers from the city, where Sinopec 312 team was stationed.


The Sahara Desert had blue sky and white clouds, but the air was hot and dry. Being shone by the sun, the sand showed dazzling golden colour. There were white dromedary camels and flocks along the way in the nearby Western Sahara refugee camp. Teenagers with schoolbags can be seen everywhere, they were walking with talking and laughing. They immediately confidently posted a “V-shape” when we picked up the camera toward them.




We walked into the camp, there was a sprinkler on the driveway to sprinkle water on the road. The Chinese employees and Algerian employees uniformed their dresses, and the lunch break was no exception. After we got off the car and registered, the local HSSE officials gave us a brief camp introduction and safety notice.


Entering the yard along the lane, the source vehicles, trucks, and off-road vehicles were orderly parked in the yard according to different models. First-aid packets and fire extinguishers are installed in the car. Large garbage bins are installed in the garage. Waste and garbage must be brought back to the unified recycling treatment after construction.




Entering the kitchen of Algerian staff, well-dressed chefs were busy working. Arabic kitchen utensils with local characteristics are as bright as mirrors. Raw meat, cooked meat and vegetables have separate chopping boards. At the same time, the chef wears cut-resistant gloves.


Walking through the camp, we couldn't find a piece of waste paper and couldn't see a cigarette butt. Additionally, each section of the barn is placed at a distance of 5 meters, and there are homemade 50 cm high ashtrays on both sides of the barracks.


As the key prevention area of the HSSE, the oil storage area is surrounded by fences, fire sand, fire extinguishers and safety signs, just like the heavily guarded fortress.




During the construction of the camp, the staff did not sleep comfortably and did not eat a comfortable meal. Every day, the staff is working on the heat or dust of the Sahara, working from dawn to dusk. When they are hungry, just eat some solid food. But no one has complained. Everyone has the same idea in mind that they build the camp as soon as possible, they can transport the equipment and materials to the camp earlier. In this way, all the staff will endure less hardship, and at the same time, production will be started earlier.


(许建峰 杨萍/文图 戴领/译 )





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