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2019-08-22     Source: @Sinopec|Facebook


How a rookie turned into a senior safety engineer? Check out the story of Tushar at our Kuwait New Refinery Project(NRP)!

Tushar started as an information officer. After a period of time, he was offered to work at the safety department. He said: “I want to be a security engineer. This job is more valuable and more meaningful to me. "In order to help him achieve this goal, the senior staff of the team became his mentor, teaching him safety knowledge and safety norms in practice.Six months later, he successfully passed the examination and became a qualified safety officer. Now he has been a safety manager at Kuwait NRP after the company provided him with training in the safety department of two projects.

"I am very happy to work at Sinopec Fifth Construction Company. They treat all employees equally. This is why I am willing to work here. " Tushar said.




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