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"When MOHSIN KHAN is here, all will be clear!"

2019-04-30     Source:


"I am MOHSIN KHAN, Indian, the Electric Quality Inspector of the Kuwaiti Crude Oil Processing Project at Sinopec Tenth Construction Company. Today I am going to work at heights."

Before Kuwait Petroleum Corporation conducted an on-site inspection of the mechanical completion, MOHSIN KHAN, as usual, had already finished inspection report for the A class test in advance.

"Have no fear, when MOHSIN KHAN is here, all will be clear!" Bassam, the on-site Electrical Engineering Manager of the general contractor Petrofac, wrote this slogan.

MOHSIN KHAN joined Sinopec Tenth Construction Company in 2016 when the company first entered the Kuwaiti market and was recruiting local talents.

“I like the young team at Sinopec Tenth Construction Company. It is very fascinating and challenging to work here. I bring out the best in myself under pressure.” MOHSIN KHAN said. His great performance has also been recognized. At the end of 2018, he was awarded with the ‘Best Employee of the Year’ award.






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